Nike Combine in Athens

Don Flamenco

It sounded like there was some unbelievable southern football talent at the combine in Athens this year.

I also think the two best offensive lineman are going to end up being Carl Johnson (6-foot-6 305) out of Durham, NC and Andre Smith (6-foot-5 330) out of Birmingham, AL. Both of those guys were at the Combine and were just dominating in their drills.

Smith IMO is going to be very hard to get out of the state of Alabama. Looking to be a Auburn / Alabama battle there. Johnson seems more wide open on a national level...


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Carl Johnson is coveted by many teams including Miami, who might end up with him.

Also, Sam Young out of florida is a high 4 - 5 star player who has been getting interest from all over the nation.

He likes Miami, UF, FSU, along with Big 10 schools such as Michigan and others.


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Sam Young is a 'cane, he loves them...

Carl Johnson may come down to FSU and UF...

I think most Linemen may come down to UF and FSU this year b/c their need...

Don Flamenco

Sam Young is Miami all the way IMO...

Johnson I think it absolutely wide open at this point. His father is a high school coach and I dont think it will be much of a factor if he goes somewhere nationally. I definitely dont think he will stay in-state in Carolina...