NFL Teams/Venues viewing...


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For those still watching the NFL, what is the pecking order for watching games and why?

1. Steelers: Fav team.
2. Tom Brady/Patriots. Even though they have derailed my Steelers so many times, it is amazing to watch TB (hope the buccs make the SB) and love seeing Belicheck win with whatever he throws out there. If it werent for Hoyer playing like he was a member of the Browns, they easily coulda beaten KC.
3. Bengals: Division Foe. Keep tabs on your enemies......THey are like that unathletic ginger who is the end of the bench that you just feel sorry for them and want to see them make a good play.
4. Browns: Division Foe. I hate them with a passion, and it ruins my day when they win, or even get a first down, but it is like a train wreck that I cant stop watching.
5. Ravens: See Browns, but not quite the hatred as I respect what they have done. Still hate them though.
6. Games in Seattle. Great atmosphere.
7. Games in New Orleans. See above.
8. Games in Green Bay. See above.
9. Games in KC/Pats Mahomes.

LA teams.

**Vegas could make the list, will see how it goes when they can actually have fans.


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1. Packers - Favorite team. Before you ask, I have no idea how I picked them.
2. Bengals- Wife's favorite team
3. Games that involve former Buckeyes
4. Games with great QB's.