NFL Gameday Thread


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Today's game results should remind all of us that there are NO EASY games in the NFL.

Sure there are blowouts all the time but the rule that on any given Sunday you can win or lose is so true. I mean how else to explain Reskins/Panthers & Eagles/Dolphins? Two teams with playoff hopes lose to two teams who each have only 2 wins?

And leading up to today we were getting all sorts of crap about the J.E.T.S. turning the corner and going on a run. And then they get CRUSHED by the Bengals in front of 12 fans! Are you kidding me.
cbs is the big loser today.after having browns-steelers and Oakland-kc change time slots. Oakland was hot so that's why cbs made the game time changes,but the raiders were plain awful losing 40-9 so bad that they left that game went to chargers at Denver where Denver kicked a field goal with no time left to beat the chargers 23-20.with the way things going between steelers and browns and todays game was more competitive than Oakland @kansas city. so bad move by cbs and I would think that the browns-steelers had a better tv rating than Oakland@kansas city


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Minnesota just went through Seattle’s D like the turnstiles at the Tower City rapid transit station.

cjb must be dancing on his coffee table. Poor Mrs cjb......