New Video Shows Draymond Green Violently Punch Jordan Poole at Warriors Practice

Extremely suspicious of this video. First of all, this is a private practice, so it being released says something about the Warriors. This is a shot at Green to get his act together. He's got too much juice and legacy for them do anything real disciplinary action to, but the optics is this. Green's angliing for one more big payday from the Warriors - the team and most anyone who follows basketball sees a guy with extremely dimishing skills and he can't shoot. I think the Warriors know they can win without him, or at least send the message that he's not worth a big extension.
Don't be shocked someday if Curry's not behind this. There are way to handle things and there are wrong ways. For the team to go after Green and blow this up into a bigger deal would be silly. So they said they were taking care of it internally. Someone in that organization will sit down with Green and tell him that they've basically made him. Here's a guy that if he was on about any other team, he may never play. He workes in Golden State because they have made it work for him for all these years.
I'll also say this - these things happen in practices all across the country in youth- high school - college and pro basketball teams. Honestly the bigger story that the video surfaced that that it happened.
Green did the right thing. Jump the dude and finish him off quick while he’s still in shock from the first punch.

As for doing it to begin with? As Red said, they can win without Green.
I’m very much a guy who thinks “the law” should stay out of sports fights.

BUT, this is a serious assault. Admittedly, these kind of things happen out of sight at sports practices but the video elevates it into something we have to consider. This is brutal…and, fwiw, I’m not historically a Draymond hater.
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Makes it seem like the Warriors don’t like Poole. No one tried to intervene and pull Green away.
Maybe they don’t like him (media accounts suggest he was coming up to a big contract and his self-love grew). I‘m not sure that means they approve. And it escalated quickly. A half dozen people jumped in after the punch was thrown.

A man of Green’s size. He put everything he had into that punch…and Poole wasn‘t really defending himself. If Poole wasn’t seriously injured, Green’s just lucky.
Draymond is going to go out like Terrell Owens, Antonio Brown. Once your not good enough to keep around, the team will wash their hands of you. Green has been a really good player for the Warriors for years, but his act is getting old.