New UFC Sponsored Wrestling Event (WUG)


The new Wrestling Underground event held their first event earlier Sunday night in conjunction with UFC Fight Pass. The event, which was backed and promoted by UFC & Chael Sonnen.

If you didn’t watch.. you missed out big time!! wrestlers all over the country, collegiately, wrestled freestyle in a UFC octagon!! the card didn’t disappoint either:


curious to what everyone thinks?? this is awesome for the growth of the sport! especially during the tough times we are in.


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Tons of action. Loved that they admittedly were making up the rules as they went. No place to really sprawl which hurt McKenna. Even the Greco matches had a lot of throws. I could see this being a big thing for the sport if they can build on it. Gives something for those guys who're NCAA caliber but maybe not International caliber a place to compete. Obviously this will be based on how many people watch. It'd be nice if they put a card on regular cable to build the audience.

I remember Joey lost and Kollin won.
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Any results?
Wrestling Underground 1 Results
Nick Gwiazdowski def. Kyven Gadson via Technical Fall at 2:43 of Round 1
David Mcfadden def. Tommy Gantt via Decision (8-4)
Kollin Moore def. Deron Winn via Decision (7-0)
Sammy Brooks def. Shakur Rasheed via Decision (8-6)
Ben Provisor def. Ravaughn Perkins via Decision (10-9)
Tyler Berger def. Joey Mckenna via Decision (8-2)


I thought it looked like McKenna and Gantt both lost to the scale.

Good card. One of the better Greco matches I have seen.


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I loved it, and also love that folks are getting creative about building and promoting events. Love the different venues, flexible rule sets and most of all that wrestlers are gladly stepping up and taking on matches without concern about rankings, weight classes etc. I'll watch it all and happily pay for it all....

With the uncertain future of the NCAA (or even High School sports for that matter), it's nice to think that there will always be wrestling in some way shape or form.