New Name for Washington Franchise?


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Saw a cute meme the other day of an offshoot to the Washington Football Club, as they've announced. It's the monogram version on the helmet... "WTF" Ha!!


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When Baltimore got a franchise in the CFL (Canadian Football League, not to be confused with the Continental Football League [CoFL] which I mentioned earlier in the thread) they originally called the club the CFL Colts complete with blue and white uniforms similar (but with no horseshoe on helmets) to what the old Colts wore (and still do.) The Indy Colts and NFL sued for trademark infringement and got an injunction against the name "CFL Colts."

In a move of pure brilliance, for awhile the team went with no nickname at all and the game announcer would introduce the club... "And now ladies and gentlemen, your Baltimore....." and just let the crowd scream "COLTS!" I'd love to see the Washington Redskins do this same thing, but I am betting now that the owner is going to cave to ridiculous leftist PC pressure they will probably call the team the Comrades or the Cadre or the Communists.... or some other "progressive" name designed to make the fans sick.

The Baltimore CFL team eventually put a Stallion head on the sides of the helmet and called themselves (surprise!) the Stallions. They live on today as the latest incarnation of the Montreal Alouettes, moving both when the CFL's mid 90's attempted USA expansion went up in smoke, and as the real Browns were arriving in town to become the NFL's Ravens.