New Coach in the GGCL


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Seton hired Kelly Crowley as its new volleyball coach. Kelly runs/owns Tri-State Elite Volleyball Club in Cincinnati. Anyone have thoughts?
You mean the president, right? The AD at that school is a puppet for the president. Yoon must have cut the Prez' daughter or something and ticked her off. The AD they hired is a nice person but was never qualified for the job. She was an elementary teacher when they hired her. They didnt want a strong personality in that position because competitive athletics is a thing of the past at Seton. It's all about the Dance Team. Go to a dance practice: those kids get screamed at on a regular basis. I'm fine with that, but if a sport coach screams at a kid at Seton they get fired or called on the mat. That place reeks of entitlement, nepotism and double standards. The AD should get out of there as fast as she can.....