NCAA Rankings 2/12/2020 - Storytime: The Great Kevin Randleman


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Occasionally I'm going to start my rankings w/ storytime. And my first storytime is...

The Great Kevin Randleman
If anyone was asked about the tOSU GOAT, probably most would deservedly have 4x NCAA champ Stieber at the top of the list. OLY champ & 2x World champ Snyder would get some votes as well. Clearly, one of the top 5, maybe battling it out w/ Rowlands for #3, would be Kevin Randleman. And he's a guy I was barely aware of until recently. I didn't follow tOSU wrestling much in the 90s, as I was more of a HS follower at the time. And before the 90s they weren't often worth following. I had heard of Randleman, but only well enough to kind of remember that he had an NCAA champ banner hanging in St Johns. Here's a brief summary of his impressive wrestling career and a link to Wiki where you can read more:

Randleman grew up in Sandusky, OH, one of 11 kids in a poor neighborhood, and was known as a street fighter. After winning a state title for Sandusky as a senior, he went to tOSU, where he finished 2nd, 1st & 1st before becoming academically ineligible his senior year. He went on to a MMA career and was a UFC Champion. Sadly, he died at the age of 44 from a heart attack.

Here's more on him:

The B10 dual season is ending this weekend w/ perhaps the 2nd most interesting dual of the season, tOSU vs PSU. I think the chances of this duplicating the drama and excitement of the PSU vs IOWA are slim, but it could happen. Like that dual, there are many matches that are coin flips, or near to it. 125, 141, 157, 184 and maybe even 285 could go either way. I'd like tOSU's chances better if it was in the Covelli Center and not @ PSU. tOSU is favored at 149 & 197, while PSU is favored at 133, 165, 174, 184 & 285. If PSU holds those weights, and they should, they'll add bonus pts and win even w/ a 5-5 split. I doubt that tOSU pulls it off, but this season has seen it's share of dual upsets. I'm sure there'll be a thread on this match, so I won't break it down or analyze it any further now. As you'll see below, tOSU remains closer to 2nd (12.5 pts) than 4th (15 pts). This dual could shrink the gap for 2nd or expand it.

Season is Winding Down
This is tOSU's last dual of the season, then a 3 week break leading up to the B10s. The other top 4 teams all have one more out of conference dual and then a 2 week break. I think 3 weeks is a little excessive, but Coach Ryan never asked my opinion.

Ohio's Kolodzik PRIN pulled his RS and came into rankings at 2, 4, 6, 7 & 7. 149 is wide open for the top 7 at that weight, including #1 Sasso tOSU.

Now on to the rankings...
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Top 4
These rankings compile the average rankings of five venues - Amateur Wrestling News (AWN), Intermat (IM), The Open Mat (TOM), Trackwrestling (TW), and Wrestler Insider Magazine (WIN). When one or more of these venues do not submit a ranking, then the compilation will be of those venues that did. This week all 5 submitted rankings. The top four teams are PSU, tOSU, IOWA and WIS. IOWA and PSU are clearly 1 & 2 this year, but IOWA has pulled away. The battle for 3rd is very crowded. I will always include tOSU. I give each team an average ranking for their lineup, awarding advancement and placement points (no bonus pts). The plus/minus is the difference between this week and last week.

Weekly Rankings
1 IOWA 130.5 (plus 1.5)
2 PSU 79 (minus 0.5)
3 tOSU 67 (plus 0.5)
4 WIS 51.5 (plus 0.5)
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Who's Fighting for a Trophy?
The top 4 teams get a trophy at NCAAs. tOSU standings in the team race is looking more like a solid 3rd as everyone has tOSU 3rd but other teams are in play. Those competing this week for the 3rd and 4th are:

1st - Iowa - 134
2nd - Penn State - 84
3rd - Ohio State - 70
4th - Wisconsin - 54
5th - Princeton - 49.5
6th - Arizona State - 49
7th - Nebraska - 42.5

*These numbers will be different than what I use in the Top 4 calculation above, due to using IM's team points which include bonus pts. Other venues do not use bonus pts, nor do I.


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tOSU has 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 8. Here's the list of Ohio wrestlers ranked Top 8 by IM, including affiliates.

1 Luke Pletcher Ohio State

5 Dom Demas Oklahoma
1 Sammy Sasso Ohio State

4 Matthew Kolodzik Princeton
3 David Carr Iowa State
2 Alex Marinelli Iowa
7 Kaleb Romero Ohio State
1 Kollin Moore Ohio State

3 Ben Darmstadt Cornell
4 Matt Stencel Central Michigan

Consensus #1
197 Kollin Moore Ohio State

Other tOSU ranked wrestlers:

165 Smith #16, 184 Jordan #12

Let me know if I missed any OH guys in the top 8.


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Coming up this week...
#1 IOWA vs #7 MINN
#2 PSU vs #3 tOSU
#3 tOSU vs #2 PSU
#4 WIS vs #19 MICH


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I tweeked my rankings to include the coaches' rank. I'll only include them in weeks that they do updates. It didn't change much.


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IOWA w/ a 51.5 pt lead. That means if Desanto can't wrestle in NCAAs (which I doubt), and some say Cass tweeked his knee and he maybe he'll be hobbled in NCAAs. If neither score a pt they still have a 24.5 pt lead going into NCAAs. Now the B10s will move the rankings one way or another. But it is just as likely to be in IOWAs favor as PSU's. And I think both Desanto and Cass will be wrestling in B10s and NCAAs. They may not be 100%, but they'll be scoring some pts for IOWA.