NCAA Moves DI Northeast Regional To Road Course Due To Poor Conditions

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Due to treacherous course conditions in Buffalo, New York, for Friday’s Division I Northeast regional, the NCAA has taken the extraordinary step to move the cross country races away from Audubon Golf Course and onto a road course.

Over 11 inches of snowfall hit western New York state on Monday and Tuesday, with the nearly 9 inches of snow on Monday alone breaking a 77-year-old record for accumulation on Nov. 11.

How sad is this. Not sure who thought is was a good idea to schedule the meet in mid November in Buffalo. But having having 3 plus days to clear it off is should be able to be raced on. Looking at the picture they did a nice job clearing it and I would think it would be a fun memorable race to run with all that snow around. Road racing is not CC.


I agree with you. If the picture shown is how the majority of the course is, then they should race it. That's what cross country is all about and how it's different from track. I remember racing multiple times in snowy conditions and how much fun it was to compete in that. Plus cross country brings those other elements in there to help show us who are the mentally toughest kids.