Mohican State Park - Trails/Beach?


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We're considering a day trip for some trail running and beach time. Mohican looks like it might be a decent option.

Can anyone evaluate this loop for running and tell me if there's a decent beach/swimming at the Pleasant Hill Lake Park?

Trails are nice, but a little technical compared to most CC courses. You have to beware of cyclists as it is a single track MTB trail. There’s several canoe liveries nearby for river trips. I’ve never been to the beach though.


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Why? I'm not seeing any water quality alerts online.
The water quality alerts are generally issued for algae blooms. There threat that is becoming more common is the organisms that cause the flesh eating issue. When it’s this warm for an extended time the threat goes up. The danger might be extremely small but it’s not worth the risk if you do have an open sore. Just wanted to remind everyone to be vigilant.