MLB, Atlantic League Announce Experimental Rules Changes For 2019 Atlantic League


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Some interesting rule changes.

I like:
Balls and Strikes being called by radar system
No mound visits except for pulling the pitcher or injury
Facing minimum three batters or end of inning
Increasing size of bases
Reduce time between innings to 1:45
Adding two feet to pitching distance halfway through the season

I do not like:
Requiring two infielders on both sides of second



Go Buckeyes
Seems the rules are being made to return baseball to the type of game that was played in the past. 100MPH pitching and Home Run or bust swings have changed the game dramatically.

I particularly like moving the mound back 2 feet. The size of the field was based on average talent for almost 100 years. A 90MPH fastball was considered the threashold for a fast pitcher. Now we regularly have guys throwing in the upper 90s. Whatever the reason for the sudden spike in pitching speed, something needed to be done.

I would love to see finesse pitching make a comeback.


No mound visits except for a pitching change or medical issue is dumb. Managers should have the opportunity to go out there and talk to their guys a couple times a game. It's basically the baseball version of a timeout.

Pitchers facing a minimum of 3 batters is also dumb. Managers should be able to use their bullpen as they see fit.

Making the bases a bit bigger, I guess that would aid in steals? I didn't realize the % was a concern.

Attacking the shift is bogus. Hitters need to learn to hit to all parts of the field.


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Instead of moving the mound back, why not lower it? They did that decades ago when ;pitchers were just dominating too much.

Less time between innings is good, but you wont see MLB sacrificing that ad time.

Bigger bases? HUh?

Min of three batters? I am down for that. You are a big league pitcher, be able to get more than one guy out. Dont like the no trips to the mound.