McNick this year?

looks like mcnick vball will rival mcnick track as the best sport mcnick has. gone are the days of mcnick being good at football and bball
ah i remember cupito lighting up that scoreboard. nowadays ohio state is making him out to look like a bad qb. for shame, mcnicholas. for shame
it is a shame not to see volleyball as a more popular sport
as an example Guardian Angels grade school won 5 consecutive city championships 4-8 grade...and yet only 4 out of 12 of those kids continued playing in high school
even with the success in grade school and high school, men's volleyball jus does not appeal to people
(mark hamad and michael oberschmidt played for GA and now play for mcnick, also luca romeo was on GA's team and now has a state championship with StX in vball)
if it was more popular there might be more big time athletes like darius ashley playing it which would be exciting. vball is in a good season though because it doesnt have to rival bball or football. baseball players are totally different from vball players so that shouldnt change much, but the real problem is probably track. alot of very athletic kids run track and that may steal from mens vball. but wouldnt it be something to see kids like darius ashley, danny milligan, or brandon saine play vball instead of run track.
im not crying about it at all. im one of the kids from ga who won those 5 championships and im not playing in high school. im playing baseball. i just think if other sports didnt draw away from vball then mens vball would be very competitive and more popular. it just isnt at that level, and im just saying i would like to see it at that level.
not sure if you knew, but when typing on the computer, we couldn't see your smiling face or hear the joking in your voice. Most people would tend to think you were just acting like a jerk, so thanks for the clairification.
for 8 years and still playing. truvball its good to hear from you again been awhile. how are things looking up north this year?
truvball lets not get into this again. lets not be like last season with us just arguing all the time, clean convo from you too yellow.

MoVBall should you be questioning whether he plays volleyball, i mean its your second post and your already trying to get on someones case
question vballman: has there been a thread youve posted that wasnt concerning mcnick, ga, or a lack of interest in volleyball?
I think mcnick has the talent to beat just about anyone. They have 8 or 9 solid players but it'll be difficult to take out the gcl south teams as always. Especially moe.
yes i agree moeller is a storng team but i think mcnick can put up a good game and possibly win if they play there best
Just to clarify on this -- McNick returns their whole team, as does Moeller with a few exceptions.

Last year the match between the two was more of a trash talking affair between Kyle Kane and the entire Moeller side than it was a volleyball match
uhhh i hate to bust the bubble of mcnick because i think they have done great things with their program. but i think moeller will hardly struggle at all with them, or any team they play this year. they really are that talented
Kyle Kane is the answer to McNick.... Moeller got into it with him because they are all friends and know eachother... Moe will be amazing this year and McNick may not be up to the task to go against such a powerhouse, but if they play together and Kane leads them like he is capable of, then they will follow him and selzer and obersmidt and that one weak side they got and the younger middle will play to there abilities...McNick will suprise a lot of teams this year but Moe may be to much for them it will be fun to see what McNick does this year as a whole
Apparently you would say that.. cus your all for moeller. I bet thats the only team you have seen. I'm not saying their bad cus their probabaly going to be the best team, but I'm pretty sure you guys arn't gonna win every game in 3.