Mason vs Springboro


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I always like to see the deserving team move forward in tournament play. Yet, I must say that these clips from the NFHS video shows that Mason should be the team playing tomorrow vs Springboro. Mason scored in the second sudden death overtime. It was taken away by the refs because the linesman called the Mason player offsides. In all the years of playing college ball, I do not see any players offsides. Mason won that game. The screenshots below show the position of the mason forward at the time the ball was headed back towards Springboro’s goal. None of Mason’s forwards were offsides. The second photo shows the Springboro defender playing the ball. That gave rights to the Mason forward to take the ball and score just as he did in the third photo. Yet, the winning goal was taken away from Mason. Sadly, for the boys…especially the Senior Mason boys, the wrong team moved on in this case.