Mark Mitchell leaving Taft


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MM is leaving Taft for Wilberforce. That program is in awful shape with little to no funding for its athletic programs. He must think he can turn it around but seems like a strange move on the surface.


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HBCU's are going to see a resurgence of funding, be they public or private. I think they are also going to see a larger diversity of enrollment. Howard leads, the others will catch the drippings. Maybe this Mitchel guy sees that writing on the wall too?

If the state does a better job of keeping their eye on those Administering Central St, I think that little corridor around Yellow Springs is an opportunity for Ohio.

Carl Rick

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Always thought the guy was a really good coach. He had some great talent and what I liked about his State Championship team was they played really hard and as a team. Having said that, I wonder how this will go.