Mark Mitchell leaving Taft


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MM is leaving Taft for Wilberforce. That program is in awful shape with little to no funding for its athletic programs. He must think he can turn it around but seems like a strange move on the surface.


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HBCU's are going to see a resurgence of funding, be they public or private. I think they are also going to see a larger diversity of enrollment. Howard leads, the others will catch the drippings. Maybe this Mitchel guy sees that writing on the wall too?

If the state does a better job of keeping their eye on those Administering Central St, I think that little corridor around Yellow Springs is an opportunity for Ohio.


Go Buckeyes
Mark Mitchell joins Wilberforce University as men's head basketball coach

Mark Mitchell, who most recently acted as the head basketball coach at Taft High School, announced Wednesday he accepted the men's basketball head coaching position at Wilberforce University.

Mitchell will replace Kevin Waters who had a 26-48 record in three seasons.

Carl Rick

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Always thought the guy was a really good coach. He had some great talent and what I liked about his State Championship team was they played really hard and as a team. Having said that, I wonder how this will go.


Great move for Mark Mitchell hopefully he is offered the opportunity to build something great. One thing I will say those kids will begin the best shape of their life. I remember my nephew played at X and they played Taft. Big mistake that man press had me thinking it was ten Taft players out their playing against St.X five. Great defense!


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May the Force be with him!! Always a soft spot in my heart for Wilberforce, with no Wilberforce there would be no me (where my parents met :)).
Here's hoping MM does well.

On your parents meeting ~ fate and destiny takes strange turns at times.
My wife was the girl friend of my kid (I'm 10 years older) brother's best friend.
She knew my parents but save for the sole photo of me (in Marine garb) in the
family room I was never mentioned, since my assignments were often a matter
of security. I met her years later while taking a refresher course at Kent State
and it turned out we had the same dentist (bumped into her during an office
visit). You just never know when fate takes a hand!