Major blow to NEO track & field


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I heard reports on the morning news that Hot Dog Heaven in Amhurst sustained major damage in a fire overnight. HDH is the primary reason many HS track athletes and fans participate and attend the Comet Relay's, districts and regionals and the bane of many coaches. /s Lets hope the family that owns HDH will be able to rebuild and continue their successful business. 8 months until the relay's.



The owner, Chris Russo, has been a great supporter of Comet teams, and our cross country/track programs in particular. Chris was an All-Ohio wrestler for Amherst, and later an NCAA AA for Indiana.

I had two of the O'Flanagan kids in class. Jack O'Flanagan, the previous owner, once said they did up to 20% of their yearly business on the day of the Comet Relays.