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Vincent and Regina

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Yappi posted this on the main board so go over and like the Elder page.

Top 15 on December 28th:

Division 1 Elder Panthers
Division 2 Massillon Washington Tigers
Division 7 Marion Local Flyers
Division 7 New Bremen Cardinals
Division 7 Minster Wildcats
Division 2 Lake Blue Streaks
Division 6 Kirtland Hornets
Division 6 Parkway Panthers
Division 6 Versailles Tigers
Division 2 Green Bulldogs
Division 2 La Salle Lancers
Division 3 Ursuline Fighting Irish
Division 1 St Edward Eagles
Division 1 St Ignatius Wildcats
Division 3 Toledo Central Catholic Fighting Irish

114 teams have at least one fan.

Seems like it is working.
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