Magic: Lakers GM Pelinka was 'backstabbing'


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Using the word "betrayal," Magic Johnson made it clear that general manager Rob Pelinka was the one "backstabbing" him, telling people that Johnson wasn't working hard and wanting to take his job with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In an appearance on First Take on Monday morning, Johnson did not hold back, identifying Pelinka as the person to whom he was alluding when he mentioned that he was tired of the "backstabbing" and "the whispering" that was going on behind his back when he suddenly stepped down as Lakers president of basketball operations on April 9.
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Funny, Pelinka denies everything Magic said. Someone is lying. And it kind of sounds like Magic was a president only in title only.


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Couldn't happen to be a better franchise. Wasn't Pelinka the agent for Carlos Boozer when they screwed over the Cavs and lied straight to Gordon Gund's face?