LSU vs Clemson National Title Game

Who wins?

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The biggest mismatch is the LSU WRs vs the Clemson DBs. Assuming LSU spreads out Clemson, I don’t see how either of the Clemson Safeties can cover any LSU WR in Man. They could play 5 DBs and even drop Simmons in Cvg, but then LSU can run ball the with Edwards-Hellaire who is fully healthy.

That’s why I think LSU ultimately wins in a shootout. It should be a lot like that Chiefs vs Rams Monday Night game from last year.
This has been spot on


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I am not surprised that LSU is starting to take it to Clemson. Ohio State would have done the same thing if not for their stupid mistakes and some bad calls from the refs. Dabo should shut up. He got some really nice help from the officials against tOSU. I really hope LSU blows them out. Clemson has it too easy playing in the ACC, and now we're seeing it.