TV "Lost in Space" - Netflix


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I've gotten through 4-5 episodes so far. I really like the way they have updated the story without forgetting everything from the past.


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Just finished the 3rd episode. No comedic relief like the old show. I liked the fact that Dr. Smith was a bumbling fool. The new Dr. Smith is creepy. Overall I will keep watching it.


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I'll be starting to binge watch this in the next week or so. The few people that I've talked to about it seemed to like this new season.

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My grade-school kids and I watched both seasons and liked it. It’s a completely different show from the old one other than some names are the same...and that’s ok. If my kids were to go back and watch the old one they’d think it’s utter nonsense compared to the new version and, having seen both, I’d agree. We’re looking forward to season 3.

We also watched A Series of Unfortunate Events and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and liked both, though Events was frustrating to watch in the same way that Made was frustrating to watch because of Vince Vaughn’s character. Both were purposefully done that way of course.


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Watched the first few episodes with the kids when it first came out a couple years ago. Didn’t keep our interest. I was surprised to hear it was still going when I saw a commercial recently.


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I finished season two and enjoy it but not as much as I could. I call it "Forrest Gump" story telling. Way too many impossible things happening to the same people over and over. I get tired of near death situations that are only a second away but they somehow come through once again.