Looking for girl tournaments to get a couple girls in


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Lorain is looking for tournaments to get a couple girls in we only have 3 girls on the team trying to find them some tournaments


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there is a tab that lists all of the high school tournaments in this spreadsheet
I'm not sure of who the author is of this spreadsheet but has there been any thought of adding a Youth tab so that people can put their events in there? I know Watkins Memorial is having a K-6 tournament this Sunday and that Mentor has been having a Sunday League with some dates in Dec, Jan, & Feb.

Spartan james

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Southeast Ohio @Alexander high school
February 5th
Will have K-6th girls
Jr high girls
& high school girls.
the high school and middle school is on baumspage.

For the K-6th group
Email Terry young by 6:00 pm on Thursday, February 2 with approximate weight, name, age and school affiliation. Use “Alexander youth” as the subject line. terry@baumspage.com. I will email a full list of entries to everyone who emails me entries by Noon on Friday, February 3.