Long Term Viability of Yappi


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I'm sure everyone has seen the notice at the top of the page regarding the proliferation of ads of all kinds on Yappi. Some of which are "way over the top" as indicated in the post. Given the language of the post, I'm starting to wonder if Yappi will be financially viable much into the future. I would like to think so; however, experience has shown that nothing lasts forever.

As for myself, I've contemplated formulating my own platform for dissemination of the track & field research that I've done and continue to do. I don't know about others, and whatever routes they take would be fine, but as for me, I would set mine up more as a blog-type. It wouldn't be in the nature of a Yappi, but then that wouldn't be necessary for what I've in mind. That said, I do think that Yappi has and does provide a much-needed platform for online discussions of various HS sports in Ohio. Dissemination of information as also been a very good think through Yappi. I hope that a financial solution more appealing is able to be worked out.