Lancaster Bob Reall Invitational


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I just wanted to give Lancaster some recognition for a very well organized and operated meet. They obviously put a lot of thought and effort into the planning. Areas were spectators were not allowed were clearly roped off, while allowing spectators access to more of the course to spread out and cheer. They had team camps set up by the starting boxes in such a way as to allow teams to move from their camp to the starting box in an alley separated from other teams. This allowed strides on the starting straight (where the alleys were marked with cones) and much less stress with masks, water and the like. The staff and volunteers were great. We unfortunately had a runner take a nasty fall in the last mile and she was rapidly back with the trainer getting medical aid. It isn't at all surprising that Lancaster would but on a well run meet, but I wanted to make sure to say a public thank you.

For those interested, here are the results.