LA, Dallas, NY-NJ , DC headline XFL cities for first season


Go Buckeyes
Los Angeles
New York-New Jersey
St. Louis
Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area and Dallas were among the eight cities and venues chosen to be the home sites when the XFL launches its inaugural season in February 2020.

Commissioner and chief executive Oliver Luck also said there will be franchises in Houston, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa and Washington, D.C., when the league kicks off the weekend of Feb. 8-9.

tom 48

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Bust. No one in those cities will spend money on third rate football, led by the grifter McMahon
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Only 1 of these alternative leagues will be able to last.

I think their model will be tied to getting local talent who grew up or went to college in those regions to get fans to hve some interest.

Neither will be able to lure guys way with money like the USFL did back in the day. Many forget how many big names went to that league.

XFL was scooped by the AAF in starting first and that doesn't bode well.


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Of the cities named only St. Louis doesn't have an NFL team. A better business model would be going into markets without a pro team.