Kobe says he would have won 12 rings if Shaq stayed in shape


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Kobe says he would have won 12 rings if Shaq stayed in shape.

Shaquille O'Neal responds to Kobe Bryant's lazy comments: You would've had 12 rings if you passed the ball

Orin Swift

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He also said Shaq would be the greatest of all time if he had Kobe's work ethic.

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Shaq was certainly one of the greats of all time. There was also alot left on the table for Shaq. There's no doubt that if Shaq stayed in better shape, he could have had a better career. The most baffling thing for me with Shaq was his inability to improve his free throw shooting.


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Awful form, ungodly massive hands and a massive awkwardness to teeing up the ball to shoot. If he was even remotely average at the line he would have been utterly unstoppable in his prime years.

They probably should have won 5-6 titles together. I don't think they could have eclipsed 6 due to the long-run championship contenting of the Spurs.