Kennedy & Korina Blades at Bad Karma


For the next week Bad Karma has the privledge of both Kennedy Blades and Korina Blade’s practicing with us at both Conneaut OH and Titusville practice sites

Any female wrestlers in the area are welcome to attend practices and enjoy both wrestling with them and meeting them... we have a Conneaut Ohio pracfcke

Kennedy Blades is a 3 x Fargo Women’s Champ and Women’s World Champ

Korina Blades is a Fargo Champ and U15 World Champ

Interestingly BOTH have won Illinois State Championships in the “boys” divisions.

And of course ...they are of awesome character and good nature -great girls
They will be at BK Conneaut Ohio practice Mon 6/29 for the Micky Phillip clinic

Any one with inquiries text Mark Steen at 724-977-4796