KEEPING TRACK - Football and Track & Field By Rod O’Donnell


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This was the case over 30 years ago. All most all football players were on the Track and Field team in the spring in my HS. Weight lifting, Track and Field... it was almost Spring Football.


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I don't like this article. I'm for football players running track. I just don't think this helps.
The author states "number 1 draft pick Joe Burrow who ran track his high school sophomore year and number 2 draft pick Chase Young who threw the shot and discuss his freshman year in high school." If you are trying to convince football players that the top picks quit track after their 9th or 10th grade year, great job. Bringing up Bob Hayes won't convince 15 year olds. I did like the make-up of OSU, 'Bama, and Baylor stats, but it was buried after the other stuff.
If the purpose of this piece is to influence high school athletes toward track, I think it falls flat.