Justin Fields and Other Buckeyes as NFL Prospects


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Justin Fields: Most scouts have him as 2nd or 3rd in the 2021 draft, but BR surprised me and had him ranked 24th. It made me question Fields because this is the second time they’ve ranked him low. All of last season I questioned his arm strength because he under threw quite a few balls, and in the biggest moments he didn’t play the best (2 fumbles against Penn State, 2 interceptions against Clemson and another near pick six early in the game). However I think he has near perfect athleticism for the position, is a great leader and has good touch outside of the deep throw. However he has the potential to be better than Trevor Lawrence in my opinion. I see a bigger and faster Deshaun Watson.

Chris Olave: Fantastic ball skills, great speed and silky smooth route running. Tough competitor too. However, he is pretty skinny and might need to put on some more weight at the next level. Hard to find a comparison as he is a pretty unique player, but his game is a lot like TY Hilton.

Shaun Wade: I think he has more athleticism than Okudah, but not as great of ball presence and ball skills. He has also showed he can play the corner blitz and I can see him being able to play FS or nickel CB. Similar play as Chris Harris Jr.

Your guys’ thoughts? I haven’t looked at other prospects as in depth as these guys.


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When you say BR do you mean Bleacher Report? If so Matt Miller is a huge Trey Lance fan and has started to hype him as the 2nd QB off the board next year mostly because he has incredible stats albeit against lesser FCS comp. Most still have Fields #2 and the more analytic based Pro Football Focus has Fields much higher pushing Lawrence for the #1 QB taken because he "wins" more plays; they had him winning the QB battle against Lawrence in the semifinal game. As for the balance of tOSU players Wade will have a high ceiling due to his ability to cover multiple WRs positions and play both man and zone, should be a top 10 type pick. Additionally this past year was weak for interior OL so the combo of Wyatt Davis & Josh Myers should go in the 1st round as many teams will be in need of an infusion of guard/center talent. Olave is a day 2 type player and this is yet another strong year for WRs, probably will be the 3rd B1G WR picked after Rondale Moore and Rashod Bateman.


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I will be shocked if Fields makes it as a pro QB. He seems like another in the long line of Ohio State QBs that were very good in college but not built for the pros. Maybe he will surprise me.


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Please tell me an NFL GM isn't dumb enough to pick a Buckeye QB high in the first round? It simply doesn't work. Buckeye fans get ticked at me when I say this, but we've seen this movie before. Braxton Miller, Troy Smith, Terrell Pryor, Cardale Jones, Dewayne Haskins... they put up huge numbers against weak big ten defenses, and for some reason NFL people eat it up. Like JT Barrett, Fields simply isn't accurate enough to be an NFL qb. The windows are much bigger in the big ten to throw to. Look at the number of big ten DB's and linebackers in the NFL. Minimal. When you do have one, you simply throw away from him.

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Justin Fields completed 65% of his passes against Clemson. Trevor Lawrence completed 55% of his passes against Ohio State. But Fields isn't accurate enough lol