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It’s been 20 years since I had joined JJHuddle and I always loved the football discussions. So many threads posted that the football forum was divided between north and south.. I sure do miss some of the posters on there. Even had several meet and greets at central Ohio Roosters and BW3’s back then where we could talk football in person.

Who on here is a old JJHuddle poster and what was your username on there? My username is the same.
Same name. I got banned once due to some dumb rules and created eHarmony. Then they reinstated me as thePITman. Had right around 20,000 posts.
I was up around 18,000 posts. Looks like neither one of us post on yappi like we did back on the huddle ?
I joined JJ Huddle sometime around 2001 or 2002. A friend at work told me about it. I was also “Walt” on Huddle.
Same user name as here. Enjoyed following the give and take of the Ytown crowd, the band lady from Big Red country that did a play by play of their game. I'd check it out when I got home from the game I had attended. When the team I follow had hit the end of the playoff trail I'd be at the computer following the update threads. Read, refresh, read, refresh all night long. Good times.
Had a few early on but this was the one that stuck around and didnt get banned at all.

Migrated over to freehuddle for awhile. That site owner got a case of the goo when they threatened to sue him for the use of the word huddle so it changed to Ohiochatter.com

That place has become a ghost town. I made some stupid bet/projection I knew I would lose to accept a lifetime ban. Forget what it was tho.
I joined sometime in high school (2002-2003) but I read it from the beginning. I was bigkahuna over there. Had some great conversations with some great people. Same with Ohiochatter
It has been years away from JJ and now just getting on Yappi. The online narrative of adults discussing youth sports is very entertaining. I also enjoy the different vantage points of games from the opposing sides - for example

"if we didn't have those 5 turnovers it would be a whole different ballgame"
"we had more 1st downs & outgained them but it just didn't show up on the scoreboard"
or the best
"I know a guy, who heard this..."

Best of luck to all the teams.
pretty self-explanatory what mine was.

Is MarionPleasantDad (MPD) still among us? Like, walking the earth?

What I really need to do is get a billboard put up on Rt. 22 in Amanda, asking “ATTN: ‘creeksider’, ‘acesdad2012’, please Google ‘Yappi forums.’”
so whatever happened to JJ?
I’ll let this cartoonishly-large drawing of a “money bag” explain what happened.