IVC 2021


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Well, we might as well get it started. Obviously, we are all hoping for a normal 2021 and the ability to go to games in 2021. It'll be really interesting to see if attendance returns to normal if schools continue with their livestreams. Many schools did a fantastic job and I enjoyed going back and watching games. Having said that, here are my way too early predictions for 2021.

IVC South

1. Ridgewood - IMO Ridgewood loses too much to be considered a state title contender next year but the Generals will still be the class of the IVC. They have the best coach, the best player and the best program. No reason to think Ridgewood will be knocked off of their perch in 2021.
2. Garaway - To me the Pirates are still an ascending program. I know they lose their QB but I also know they have a lot of young talent. I think Garaway closes the gap on Ridgewood next year but the problem is the gap was really big.
3. Indian Valley - The Braves have a ways to go to catch the top two programs but they played a lot of young talent this year and I liked how they didn't call it quits and got all of their games in. That tells me a lot. Coach Lancaster will have his team back in the mix in the near future.
4. Sandy Valley - The Cardinals were given a dose of reality of what life in the IVC South will be like this year. Now they have to play in the South without Cam Blair??? Obviously you don't replace Blair and I don't think the Cardinals have the program in place to keep their level of play anywhere near where it has been, The schedule might get them to five wins but that's probably the ceiling.
5. Claymont - They have to start to show improvement at some point don 't they? I know this isn't saying much but both of their IVC first team players were juniors and two of the three second team award winners were underclassmen so there is at least something coming back I guess.
6. Tusky Valley - They weren't really competitive at all this year and they lose their best player in their QB and basically every TV kid that got an IVC award was a senior so if you are losing all of your best players and you couldn't compete this year I imagine it'll be a struggle next year.

IVC North

1. Malvern - They lost a lot but they do have some good kids coming back as 6 of the 9 all league selections were underclassmen. One thing I know about Malvern is they have pride in their community and they usually have some good athletes. There is nobody else showing me any reason to pick them so I will go with the Hornets.
2. Buckeye Trail - I expected more from the Warriors this year but it just seemed like they could ever get any momentum going. However, when you look at their all-league selections they have a lot returning so with no other team really being the clear cut favorite in the North I think the Warriors have a chance to compete for the title.
3. Newcomerstown - Really not much to base this on other than I am a big fan of Coach Gadd and maybe I am a little biased. It looked like this thing had turned around in 2019 but the Trojans took a step backwards in 2020. I think they'll bounce back in 2021.
4. East Canton - I'll pick the Hornets fourth simply based on past success. They've had two down years in a row however so not sure what is going on in East Canton.
5. TCC - Always a hard team to pick because you don't know who will be there. Plus, they only played six games in 2020 so I am not sure how invested they are in the program right now.
4. Strasburg - Weird 2020 season for the Tigers. They got blown out in every loss and both of their wins were convincing wins. However, they lose pretty much every solid contributor on their team so it'll likely be a rough year for the Tigers.

1.Ridgewood-Still think even with all the big losses on the line, #2 will carry this team to another IVC championship. In terms of playoff success, it’s hard to tell. #9 will be back after an impressive sophomore campaign to anchor the defense. All I know is Coach Slusher always brings out the best in all his teams. I’ll enjoy every second of this year, because I believe the dark years are upon the Wood after this year.
2.Garaway- Garaway loses the QB but still returns a few good athletes. And let’s be real, Garaway is almost always a thorn in the side of the generals. No matter how good either team is.
3.Indian Valley- After a “down year” I think the braves bounce back from a couple injuries and make a little noise.
4.SV- Cardinals suffer a huge loss as Blair exits. But no way they will be as bad as 5/6. 5-5, 6-4 maybe for this team(idk their out of conference schedule?)
5.Tusky Valley- Losing everyone on a barely competitive team. It’ll be ugly
6.Claymont- I mean, who is worse?

1.Buckeye Trail- Warriors return a solid core. With the North being an absolute mess, I think the warriors take the crown.
2.Malvern- Hutchison exits but Malvern also returns a lot of key players. Trail vs Malvern for the North title I believe.
3.East Canton- They have been down a few years, time to bounce back?
4.Newcomerstown- Gadd gets his kids to play hard. That’ll get them a few wins
5.TCC- Who knows with Central. Only watched them play against the wood last year in a monsoon. They looked bad.
6.Strasburg- A not very good team not getting any better. Time for basketball yet?

Looking forward to hopefully a COVID-less season. It was awful watching games from outside a fence. Good luck to all IVC teams. And of course, KEEP THE WOOD TRAIN A ROLLIN’!


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Would love to hear from some fans of teams about what next year looks like for their programs. If anyone could provide any info it'd be appreciated.
2020 robbed us of seeing Ridgewood and Garaway both 9-0 playing week 10 for the first time. I’m guessing it’ll be that way next year though as long as things are back to normal. Garaway has John Glenn/Waynedale/Dalton in their non league. I expect them to be 3-0 after that.
Wood has Coshocton/River View/Marlington. I would expect them to be 3-0. So hoping for an IVC championship and an undefeated season on the line October 22nd in West Lafayette. Hoping the crowd limitation is gone, the Wood will be rockin that night.
I expect Indian Valley to be solid next year. Coach Lanc runs a great program and the Henry kid will be eligible the whole season.
Sandy should beat claymont and TV in south action.
Would love to hear from some fans of teams about what next year looks like for their programs. If anyone could provide any info it'd be appreciated.
Here is a wood preview from a fan on the outside looking in (take it for what it’s worth):

The Wood loses ALOT of talent on the lines. Prater twins, Durr, Leindecker all leave the line. Belt also graduates. Patterson, Lamneck, Smith and Bradford are among key returns from last year. Ridgewood year in and year out finds a way to reload instead of rebuild. Slusser always finds a way to get the best out of each kid. The Wood won’t be as good as they were in 2020... but they will still be the team to beat in the IVC.

Oh, did I mention Tingle is back for his senior year also?😁😁😁


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Tusky Valley will be extremely young next year. In fact, the Trojans will likely have just one senior who has played football at the high school level before. The last several years, Tusky Valley has had several kids come out for the first time as seniors so they may end up with more than one senior but it's always hard for a kid to make a huge impact their first year playing varsity football.

The Trojans will also have the tough chore of replacing pretty much all of their offensive firepower. Tristin Tesch was a 4 year letterwinner for the Trojans and was their main weapon in 2020. Tanner Phillips was the starting QB the last two years and his ability to run was probably the most dangerous weapon the Trojans had in 2020. The Trojans also lose seven other seniors who all played quite a bit last year.

The good news for the Trojans is that they had 10 freshman and sophomores who had significant playing time in 2020. Most of those young kids weren't ready for varsity football yet but the situation dictated they had to play, Now, you'd expect those kids to make a big jump physically in the offseason and if they are committed to the weight room you'll have a nice foundation of players in 2021 with an eye on 2022. A few of those young kids have the potential to really be good varsity players if they are committed to becoming good players.

The Trojans also have a pretty friendly schedule. They will face Waynedale and Tuslaw in non-conference games, East Canton and Strasburg in crossovers and Claymont in the IVC South. They should be able to compete in all five of those games and hopefully pick up some Ws.

I know it hasn't shown itself on the field yet, but I think Coach Dickerhoof has done a good job stabilizing the program. Remember, in the summer of 2019 there were questions as to whether TV would have a team. Hopefully now he can start really building the numbers and develop a strong nucleus for the future.


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ivc south
1. ridgewood they have tingle coming back who will lead the team and Slusher is back who get the most out of all his kids
2. iv coach lancaster is a great coach and has a really solid program with some nice young talented kids coming back
3. garaway will have most of its defence back carried by there d-line and still have fast athletes all around the field
4. sv will be no where as good as they have been with cam blair I see a 5-5 season out of them
5. tusky valley is losing their best kids but is still better than claymont tusky also is really young
6. Claymont they have 2 bright points the new field and senior running back brody rauch
ivc north
1. Buckeye trail still has franko rome and 32 smith who carry their run game and have lot of pieces coming back and looks like the most complete team out of anyone in the north
2. east canton i feel like will improve a lot from last year they've had to down seasons and looking for a big one this year
3. malvern they lost there 2 best player in derk and moser but still have a lot coming back
4. Tcc you never know with them but you do know casey cummings will have a team being competive they have some key returners but did lose so much
5. newcomerstown wont be a push over will be a tough team the wants to grind yards out
6. strasburg losses their best players and looks like their best player next year will be lucas linsey who was injured late last season


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I don't know how tcc looks this year, but from what I heard is that they have a monster receiving core. I've also heard that the sophomore qb Drew Lakota has started putting on some weight and has been working out with former all-Ohio qb Alex Price. The defense is the biggest worry for them especially in the secondary.