ISA (Andrews Osborne) and Spire - attracting the transfers


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Articles on ISA and Spire

In addition to Andy Barba (formerly Benedictine), Meechie Johnson (formerly Garfield Has) has transferred into ISA.



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These “academies and prep” schools are not real high school teams. They play by a completely different set of rules . That is why for years in several states that these prep schools and boarding schools and even the private’s are not allowed to play for a state title in their respective states.


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I thought Spire was having huge financial issues. They were losing at least $1M per year and had to at least double the enrollment to even hope to break even. The facilities are enormous and extravagant. Much more like an Olympic training facility than even your typical academy model. It never seemed to me to be a sustainable model. I remember STVM played them a number of years ago when they were first starting, and they had a lot of post-grads on the team. It looks, from the article, like they are heading back in that direction; which can't be good news.


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Sept. 20, 2019, GENEVA, OH — A potential sale of Spire Institute is in the works, and the Geneva Area City Schools Board of Education took the initial step Wednesday to transfer its sports facility agreement to a new entity.
In March, Ron Clutter, whose Ronilee LLC owns the building and land that Spire occupies, announced that the building and land were for sale. At the time Clutter, who did not return calls seeking comment for this story, said a number of people around the country had expressed interest in the property.
The Board of Education approved Wednesday a “consent to assignment” of the sports facility agreement to Geneva Sports LLC. The Delaware limited liability corporation was registered with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office Tuesday by the Columbus-based Corporation Service Company, according to Secretary of State records.