Is there a 200 point night for an NBA team in the near future?


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It's early, but it seems to me like scoring has been ridiculously high on a nightly basis so far. I wonder if we've entered an era where you can expect to see a 130-120 or 135-130 game just about any night of the week. I haven't paid much attention so far outside of eyeing the score ticker most evenings, but I thought I heard recently that the rules have been manipulated even more in the favor of the offense.

As to the question, I'd think it would be just about impossible to score over 160 in a 48 minute game, and that's somebody like the Warriors having all of their shooters be red hot against a tanking opponent.

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If they can get two hot teams playing a double overtime game, I think it is possible.

As nwwarrior09 mentioned, the rules are setup to maximize scoring even more than in the past.