Is subtraction a real thing?

Thanks ep. Yer the best. I lost like 4 loved ones here in the past few months. I am basically here to avenge their deaths.
Just remember RPN...

Reverse the sign then add.

(I vote NO)


1968 Camaro convertible / YX DC 6
Does anyone else think ohiopup has a metal plate in his head?

You're clairvoyant!

I actually do... thanks to a 50mm Russian mortar round.

Sometimes it's fun going thru airport security screening and having the alarms
go off. Then they sweep me with the wand.


1968 Camaro convertible / YX DC 6
Not to be insensitive but curious, if you hit yourself in the head with a drum stick, does it make a "ping" sound?
When a person requires brain surgery, and the opening needed is large enough that a piece of skull must be removed like the top of a jack-o-lantern, that piece of skull is called a "bone flap"...

Is there a catchy name like that for your plate, or is it just a "plate" ?
We'll never know what he was like before, though I think the mortaring would affect my outlook on life a lot more than the plate. I mean, thanking someone for taking a mortar for the country seems like such a .... I don't know. Seems stupid somehow. Certainly, an understatement?


Thanks for taking a mortar for the country and I'm sure, there were others with. Zhit, sorry for getting kind of personal...