Is it Okay for visiting fans to storm the field after a road win?


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Man, you guys sound like a bunch of old cratchets...get off my lawn/field/turf!

If its a big win for your program, storm the field, celebrate, have fun...adults and children alike!

High school football used to be a community event, people didn't get bent out of shape over everything that didn't go their way, they used to use it as a life lesson. Now we just b!tch, complain and point fingers a lot....sad how much its changed!
You want to go on the field? Good Join the team. Numbers are down We could use the bodies!


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i don’t mind it as long as there is nothing disrespectful going on, both home and away. after both teams shake hands, fans being on the field interacting with players is no big deal, whether it is singing the fight song or just congratulating the players. now when opposing students/players stomp on another teams logo, that’s when i start to have issues. at Greenon, students and fans usually gather on the track, after the players sing the fight song. but i’ve seen the field stormed on 3 occasions.


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This happened 3 times this year at my school's home stadium. Personally, I thought it showed very little class/ sportsmanship. In my opinion, it sends a clear message of disrespect to the host team. I have ZERO problems with HOME fans going on to the field, after all it is their field. There is nothing wrong with the student section going onto the field after home games and singing the alma mater with the players and band, which is a tradition many schools, including mine, have. I just think that road games are different. I feel like the field doesn't belong to the visiting school, and the visiting fans should respect that and celebrate in the stands. I don't remember this happening at our stadium before this year and I was surprised each time it happened. One game our PA announcer told the visiting fans THREE times to get off the field and they still did not. I'm interested to hear what other fans think about this. Did this happen at any of your schools games this year? Do you agree that this is a disrespectful thing to do?
Save it for the home field.


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He had an upset win on the road for a league championship. Our students came on the field. Some of their players stood around and said it showed a lack of class.

Sour grapes. Maybe they should have played better.


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Win the game, do what you want you earned it. Got a problem take care of home field!!!! Only thing I want from the loser, is a hand shake and plenty of space so my squad can celebrate!!!!