Investing thread for DR, $, ep, Bluth, main event, OBCF and others


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I just buy water. Got thousands of of bottled water cases. People said invest in freshwater and I got an assortment of glacier ice, dasani, and aquafina. Figured I'd diversify


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Good time to bump this thread

Setting up for the biggest crash in history.

Minor correction? I said "major." I see the scope being large, but the causes different from the last two times around.

I see the S&P dipping to at least 1400 from 1700 now. It could go lower though... Wouldn't shock me if we see 1000.
I am starting to get concerned about a run on money market accounts. There is a lot of grey area between checking accounts, cash and money markets for a lot of people.

I am going to being carrying more cash than normal just to be safe. Not a huge amount because I don't feel safe with a ton on me, but definitely more than normal.
Today was another nice opportunity to get out of the markets.
You should already be out. S&P above 1700 is the end of a long up run for awhile. Winter is coming.
No clue why you would want to be long in this atmosphere.
Going to be madness. I have no clue why anyone would want any part of this market.
Nice chance to get out while the gettins good.
New home sales way down Friday. Durable goods yoy way down today. But hey lets keep buying stocks!!!

Gophers are about to get burned.
shorting APPL.
at the very least selling now is a safe move. If you agree with my thinking, shorting the market here isn't all that crazy of an idea.
I am quite confident it'll be a big old mess.
This has been a long bull run... In a couple months many will be kicking themselves for not recognizing its over.
at worst I see a full-blown crash. I am not smart enough to forecast which it'll be... Either way I'm cashing out.
As expected, markets are just sitting on top waiting to fall. Picking out the gophers here is like shooting fish in a barrel. Only low tier gophers are dumb enough to buy at these levels.

Michael Bluth

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Looks like I still own one of those pot stocks from a while back :laugh:. Had completely forgotten about it because its share price has been essentially zero for a few years.