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Sounds like the Cats are just overmatched tonight. Down by 14 w/ 4 minutes left.
Total collapse in the second half. But the offense was hanging by a thread through this full playoff run, and just couldn’t get it done tonight. Still a great season to get to the final four for the first time in 20 years.

The future is bright for this program. Very good talent returning and coming up from the JV team. The 2024 class is a special group.


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While Ignatius fell short tonight, they accomplished more this year than most expected and their future is bright. This should make them eager to put the work in for next season.

Boy I love how they shoot foul shots. Smooth


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Game stats:

The difference tonight:
  • Tasos Cook carrying Central on his back with 16 points during the 1st half
  • Central’s on-ball defense, especially in the 2nd half when the Wildcats committed 11 turnovers
  • Cats’ 16 turnovers for the game = leading to 18 Central points, whereas Central committed only 5 turnovers = leading to 5 Ignatius points
Turnovers have been the Cats' 'Achilles heel' of its offense for much of the season. Tonight, it was lethal.


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Disappointing end for the season but overall, the Ignatius basketball program took a big step forward in a number of ways. Despite losing, tonight was a good experience for the underclassmen. Coach Joyce has installed a strong defense work ethic amongst the players in the program. Improvement of the offensive part of the game is the obvious ‘next step’. Turnovers have been a cause for the offensive challenges much of the season. That has to be addressed going into next season. The Cats need additional, accurate 3-point shooters to supplement Effertz.

Most (8) of the varsity players shall be returning for next year - Effertz, Yarian, Green, Little (‘24), Jackson (‘24), Szczepaniak (’23), Fletcher, Ruddy. However, Raynor, Yontek and Garcia’s size will be missed. There are some really good freshmen (’24) + sophomore talent coming up from the 19-2 JV team that had both size (and still growing) + athleticism. Coming to mind are 6-5 Marshall, 6-5 Maruca, 6-5 Starck, 6-3 Goodman, 6-4 Springer (‘24), Webster, Martin (‘24), Curry (‘24), Ellis (‘24) + some others. It’ll be interesting to see the composition of the varsity squad next season.

The future is much brighter for the Wildcat basketball program to compete at the elite level of Ohio HS basketball.


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Tonight at 7:00 pm: re-broadcast of March 24, 2001 State Championship game - St. Ignatius Wildcats vs. Elder Panthers

Seven weeks earlier Elder had beaten Ignatius by 15 in Cincinnati. The Wildcats win the rematch when it really counted
Love this idea. The school should do some of these retrospectives with the football program. Plenty to choose from and lots of folks they could bring in for interviews.