Hypo: As a new HC taking over a program with historical success what would you do?


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There have been some big names in the last few years retire in the East District with another just announcing retirement in the same district.
Since it is a bit of a downtime for wrestling, I was just curious for discussion purposes what would you do if you were hired as a new HC for a wrestling program that had historical success. I realize there are lots of factors & variables to consider.
Would you use the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy & not change a thing or would you instill your own ideas & revamp the program using your own personal coaching philosophy risking a downturn? Combination of both? Or ?


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Having been in the wrestling coaching profession for now 16 years I've never envied guys who step into tradition rich environments, especially if they are "outsiders" to those programs. You want to do your own thing without ruining what was built. If you're an insider you're more inclined to keep the machine going the way its been done. Also depends on just how we define success. Is this a program that wins state titles year after year or are they top 5 year after year and are looking for that spark from a new coach to get them over the top? This is where as an AD you have to be careful with who you hire. If you hire an alum or someone on staff then don't expect to get over the top. You probably shouldn't expect the wheels to fall off either. If you hire someone with zero ties to the program you may get to the top or you may end up with a lot of phone calls.
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Go about business as I normally do. Continue to learn And improve everyday, and continue to push for each athlete to learn And improve everyday.