How Much Puke Would You Clean In Exchange For A Car?

Win a free car?

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The same Focus you would get... filled with puke to the seats?

I'm thinking a couple flatbed tows before and after a lousy clean-up with an industrial vac truck/water hose combo, and I'm up 8-10k. Someone will buy it to resell. Sign me up.

This is a dumb thread, btw. I feel like OBCDEF's slump-buster fatty for posting in here.....
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I think you are mixed up...a ford focus and puke are basically the same thing. I would puke if I had a focus. Ford focus = ipecac syrup.

Just finished a peach yogurt from the back of the fridge. Date said Feb 3 2014. Seemed OK. I'll let you know if that =ipecac syrup, too.
Dude, you are STOO-PID! I would EAT 10 gallons of putrid, rotting-milk and chili puke! YESS-SIRREEE! Gimme that Smart car!