How many reputation points do you have.

Shawn Kemps Kids

Cooling Off
MU called ronnie and myself a turd in a punch bowl because we take potshots at him like he does TigerPaw and BlueJayFan. Like you said, not interesting.


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Those that need a little bit of help:
eastside_purple -90
JoeMontana -50
gobluetom -39
M2M -30
ronnie mund -28
Sig Hansen -20
TrueDetective -14
jtk -9
Sam Fischer -8
hoser -8
BigWorm -8
Nelson Van Alden -6
TigerPaw -5
RedBlue -4
TigerLB -3
Maxie -2
chiefy jones -2
CliftonAce -1
Extra Point -1
heff -1
I would have asked how it is possible to piss that many people off, but i know better :thumb: