How many D1 teams has LaSalle beaten this year?

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Kinda thought this thread might have been a joke so clicked on it. Now I'm trying to figure out how someone is enough of a HS Football fan to create a profile on Yappi, be on it for over a year, post 150 times . . . . and not know about


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So are you trying to say la Salle is a bunch of sand baggers? Or are you proud of them for being the biggest d2 team.


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La Salle is like a D-1 school....So is Massillon, Woods, Hoban etc etc etc. You can add Trotwood and Big Red to that conversation also!


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Walnut Ridge have the easiest Schedule in all of D2? WR got whooped pretty good for being undefeated!!
Walnut Ridge plays in the Columbus City League, which has a few good teams but a lot not. And most are smaller than WR. Because most of the schools in the league have football there is not a lot of room in the schedule for out of league games and they don’t always get to play the other good teams in the league. And their team is small. So when they play schools that don’t have most kids playing both ways they are at a further disadvantage.
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