Home protection


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What is your home protection system?

We have Nest System with camera/motion inside and out
One Golden doddle that never sleeps and does bark only at deer.
Spot light and Alarm sound switches in the hallways (from the old system)
Sig P240 .45 bedside and Sig P380 .380 in my pants hanging on the door


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Ring security camera, two dogs and enough handguns at hand for all four adults living in the home. Youngest college girl is a bit less observant, but the other three adults have outstanding situational awareness.


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skunk that hangs out in my driveway.
Perfect ... I need to get a trained skunk
We had years ago a big floppy ear, black and white rabbit the we called Butler he would come out from the pine tree and greet everyone.
Really a cool rabbit...


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We live in a very nice, safe neighborhood, but even we (our neighbors with cars parked on the street) were the target of car burglaries recently.

We have Blink outdoor security cameras and two dogs that will bark if I pee too loudly.


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On three sides of my house I am protected by dense prickly pear cacti. I can definitely say from experience that you don't want to fight your way through them and then be caught in any one of them.