HOF TBS East end zone project


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They are now working on the east end zone, large footer holes were dug Thursday, and frame work is ready to pour concreate hopefully today OUTSTANDING


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Sure love Fawcett stadium...always was, always will be!! Just wondering what ever happened to the memorial bricks and pavers that were placed at Faucett. We had a large one dedicated to my grandfather, long time educator and 2nd principal of McK. It was placed at the old main entrance...where are these??


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those are on the south west corner of the stadium in-between the two old ticket booths that were installed summer of 2019 nicely done

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Topping out ceremony on the building today. The last piece of steel is up.
That is good news, again my initial ask was related to hoping the stadium/locker room pieces that were committed to the McK students were followed through on along with questioning the lack of transparency from the local paper. Of course, it'd be good for the community if progress continues. Let's hope for the best.
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I mean this is good, but it definitely doesn't compare to Harmon Field! Maybe this year when my Skins are playing in the state championship game it'll probably be a step down in terms of facilities.