Hoban's Football Best - Offense


In your opinion, who were Hoban's best over the years on the gridiron, starting with offense?

Here are some names to consider:

QB: Denny Schaffer, Don Zwisler ('67), Marty Nicholas, Scott Cannon, Dave Hankins, Donnie Zwisler ('90), Bob Lucey, Tony Beiting, Tom Sitko

RB: Tyrell Sutton (obvious), Tony Sutton, Lakumba Wallace, Dan DeGeorge, Joe Palmisano, Ricky Owens, Chuck Mesko

WR: Lindsay Latson, Mike Harrigal, Erin McGough

OL: John Neidert, Bob Neidert (TE), Dougherty, Gordon Cole, Tom Addie, Dave Cooper, Tom McKinnon, Ray Edmunds, Bobby Johnson, Adam Griffin, Eric Ervin, Ken Fry

PK: Dave Hoffman, George Hajjar, Nate Davis

Sure I missed some....