Hilton Head

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Heading there with the family for the first time. We rented a house with a pool so we could get away, but can still isolate.

Any suggestions on places to eat? Golf courses that are worth playing? Adventures?


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We used to go there nearly every year. We'd alternate each year between a day trip to Savannah or Charleston. Both great old cities. One hidden gem in Hilton Head is Stellini Restaurant. Monte is right on hush puppies at Old Oyster Factory, though the food there has never overwhelmed me.

Lots of great courses down there and always deals if you are willing to look. I always took advantage of twilight deals that got me onto some very nice courses for very little money. Very much enjoyed Oyster Reef. Very nice range at Sea Pines Plantation Club.


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We’re staying in Sea Pines (I think).

I appreciate all the suggestions
Sea Pines has some nice eco-adventures. The alligator tour in the nature preserve is decent. Lawton Stables in Sea Pines does a nice job with horseback riding, though it is pricey. Always enjoyed crabbing from the pier at Harbortown.

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My wife's family vacationed in Hilton Head every year growing up, so we go usually every other year now. I've never been to Old Oyster Factory (and don't eat seafood) but the best hush puppies I've had are at Hudson's (https://www.hudsonsonthedocks.com/). Skull Creek Boathouse and Skull Creek Dockside (which are both next to Hudson's) are good. All 3 are usually very crowded. If you're looking for a good breakfast spot, check out Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe https://www.palmettobaysunrisecafe.com/ My favorite ice cream is at Hilton Head Ice Cream. I'm also a fan of San Miguel's Shelter Cove if you're looking for Mexican food.
We are going to Hilton Head this summer and a friend of ours told us about the SERG group of restraunts not requiring their servers to wear masks. If you request servers with masks, they will give you one when the ones that will are available. They own some very popular places there but unfortunaely we won't be going to them. Here is the list:
The Black Marlin
One Hot Mamma's
Skull Creek Boathouse
Skull Creek Dockside
Frankie Bones
Marleys Island Grill
Marleys Shack
Whiskey Room


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Java Burrito is a good place for lunch, kind of a mix between a Starbucks and a Chipotle, but better than Chiplotle.