High school basketball


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Agreed, it today's climate, athletic directors and school boards need to look at the entire picture in determining coaches in all sports, not just hoops. As I've told many people, there isn't necessarily a long line of candidates waiting to coach at the high school level. Some schools actually beg people to coach.
To me, here is what is important, and I'm all for winning. It's no fun losing all the time, but depending upon the school, the talent may, or may not be there.
1. Are you getting students to go out for the team. In conversations, do you have some really good students who should be on a team, not go out? There are many reasons a kid may not choose to participate, but if there is a continuing theme that the coach is the reason, that's a red flag.
2. Are the kids who finish that program in the past better off, both athletically and maturity wise after the season?
3. Do the kids play hard for the coach. There is no substitute for effort. And depending on how many players you have, if you consistently seem to have kids mail it in, that's a problem.
4. I've always said winning isn't the end all be all, but TRYING to win is. Very few win all the time, and it's well known that we actually have a lot more life lessons from adversity than success. Are your kids trying to be successful every day?

Coaches should be evaluated annually, good coaches can go south after a long tenure, and bad coaches can get better. Try to objectively look at the talent level of the team each year and make an honest assessment if the team performed above or below expectations.