Here's what I learned today/tonight

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Learned that
1. Hamm is a beast
2. Hoban has more D1 players than Akron U
3. Kirk is a scary dude
4. Massillon is losing a ton this year after a great run last few years
5. Massillon’s 4 transfers from a school that didn’t play in 2020 somehow got more attention on here that Hobans 2 best players being from Youngstown & Columbus
6. Glad games were/ will be played in a stadium vs a glorified fair grandstand


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I learned that certain posters are all talk, all day every day, then lose a game and disappear like the little tiny children they are. You can post 🐅 💪 all you want but hide when the heat is on. Same with JLP/heff/chiefy/sam/ts1960 etc. Punks
You seem a little shy. Tell us how you really feel about these TIG fans tucking their tails.
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