Guidelines for Phase I

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Question for those of you that may have HS age players getting started up with work outs. I am pretty sure I heard the coach of my sons team say "no passing" to each other in a Zoom call. Is every school interpreting the guidelines in that manner? In my opinion that is silly and just can't be what they meant. Anyone?
My understanding of Phase 1 was only individual ball skills and fitness/agility work, so no passing would make sense.

Our HS coach set up Zoom trainings for the month of June, so we aren't having any practices until July.


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I believe it is up to the schools board of education on what guidelines they would like to implement. For our soccer program, as of now, we condition every MWF (no use of ball and try to maintain 6 feet of social distancing) and T-Th is our individual ball skill training and we can also do a skeleton session.

Now, with that said, these are the rules us coaches and players must follow in order to do training:

1.) A player must be at training no more that 10 minutes before training starts. (must wait in car until 10 minutes starts)
2.) Coaches and players must do a pre-temperature check at home before training.
3.) Players must sign in and go through a yes/no COVID symptom check before training.
4.) Players must disinfect hands and no congregating before or after training.
5.) Coaches must disinfect equipment used for training (including all balls, weights, bands, ropes, etc.)
6.) Each individual must bring their own water bottle with their name written on it. No fountains can be used except for the touchless water bottle filler

If a player had been tested positive for COVID the whole team must stop training for a 2 week period and all symptoms must be documented.

This may sound like a lot of hurdles for a program to go through. However, its a start and its nice to see our district being proactive about high school sports.