Gronk to the Buccaneers


Go Buckeyes
Looks like he is coming out of retirement as it is being reported he was traded to the Buccaneers for a 4th round pick. This is making things more interesting.


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Last time I saw Gronk it looked like he had dropped 30 lbs. How quickly can he get back to his playing weight?


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I think this is the year that Tom Brady's skill level rolls off the top of the table. Most of his best passing games last year were in the first 8 games of the season, with a marked drop off the rest of the way. No one can play at a high level forever and I think this season Tampa Bay finds that out both the expensive way and the hard way. I think Brady just wants to play until it's proven he can no longer do it (ala' Pete Rose in baseball who did the exact same thing) and that Gronk misses the spotlight and the new incoming big money, but is probably no longer really hungry, as he has won Super Bowls, has the rings and all the previous big money he earned. We will see I guess, if there is a season in 2020.


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Interesting that neither seems to have wanted to play for Bill anymore.
I look at it the other way....

.....this is almost like a team sanctioned tanking in the NFL under the guise of the Rona. It will leak in the offseason, when they pick #1, and it will be named Rona-gate.