Greater Cleveland Awards and teams


Does anyone have a complete lsiting of the Greater Cleveland
Boys soccer 1st team; 2nd team and honorable mention?
Thank You


Thank You Bennies

Why is it so secretive ya think?
Is it because there are many kids that make it or a few?
Or maybe they do not have one list for the whole area?

I would just like to see who has been selected for these awards; and think local college coaches would like that list as well.
Can't understand why it is not published and made easier to see.
Can anyone explain rational?


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I don't think it's a matter of being secretive, I just don't think the GCSSCA and the OSSCA are very well-organized. I mean have you spent any time of their websites? Not very user-friendly and some of the information is listed as being last updated in 2012.

The awards banquet is on Sunday. I will try to see if I can get more information then.
same way around here

unless you go to these banquets or get a program from one you will never know