Goddard Passes Away


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Was one of the last great local weatherman types. Heard a rumor that he got into a nasty divorce and was taken to the cleaner thus he went way past expiration date on his career.

Also loved being a part of the Big Chuck and Little John showt>

Mr. Slippery

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Guinness Book of World Records - Longest career as a weather forecaster (51 years, 6 days)

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Most Notable Green Alum...


Goddard or Heather Kozar *

" Playboy's Playmate of the Month for Jan. 1998 and Playmate of the Year for 1999 ~ wife of ex-Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch.


Mark Croghan

He was 5x U.S. National Champion and 3x Olympian in the steeplechase. Also was a HS state champion and helped Green win the DI state track title in '86.

Kozar definitely caught the best Hail Mary pass Couch ever threw. Not even Couch's Hail Mary passes that beat the Saints (caught by Kevin Johnson, IIRC) and the Jaguars (caught by Quincy Morgan, IIRC - year after "Bottlegate") were that good.

In all seriousness, R.I.P. Mr. Goddard and best wishes to his family and friends. He was an NEO icon.
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