Gmc 07

Yeah that sounds like a good choice either way... I guess you'd have to see them play head to head to pick one though
not to be mean or anything but i highly doubt any team in the GMC would have a stacked defense.
or offense in that case.
Fields without a doubt. he carries a much bigger role than spotts does for lakota east. fairfield would be one of the worst teams in ohio if he wasnt there. lakota east would miss spotts, but not as much as fairfield would miss fields.
But head to head spots had around 20 kills and chase didn't even have 10. Not saying spots is a better player than chase but spots is averaging something like 19 kills a match... that’s pretty good if you ask me. But chase does have a much bigger load to carry and has to set from the back row. Don't forget to include the Jolly the Green Giant (Tony something) from sycamore and freshman standout Dylan Kembre from WEST!! All four players are having great years this season.
I will have to say Spotts as well... I have had a chance to play with most of the best players in the GMC. He seems to be the most well rounded player, who can probably touch the top of the antenna with the vertical that he has. I was not at all impressed with Marquardt, I expected him to be much better. I havent seen Chase play since last year, but he was really good so I'm sure he has gotten that much better...From GMC that is all of the players worth even mentioning.
Now after playing both Chase and Spotts, I would have to go with Spotts. The two of them both can crack the ball but Spotts was surprisingly a very good passer. Chase sets from the back row as didn't pass much so it is hard to say which one is better. Oh and when we played spotts Tuesday he got half of his hand above the antenna in the pre game warm up... ...